Give a voice to the voiceless


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Why should your dogs wear the shirt?

Dogamahny TM is proud to cater for the well-being of animals. We strongly condemn any form of violence and harm towards any sentient living being. Therefore Dogamahny TM has come up with an appropriate slogan T-shirt for our dogs to wear this June. This T-shirt helps raise awareness of the horrendous dog meat festival in China commencing  21st of June 2018

Off each purchase, 15% will go to our favourite British animal charity that directly deals with rescuing dogs from the Chinese Dog Meat Trade. Furthermore, we will continue to support US who have continued to grow thanks to the effort of patron  Marc Ching. In May 2018, AHAWF transformed their  Chinese rescue shelter into an education centre for Chinese school children to visit and connect directly with the victims of the Dog Meat Trade.

Dogamahny TM strongly believes in education and that it is time for a CHANGE.

Please choose this T-shirt and wear it throughout June to show solidarity and hope for CHANGE.

NOTE :  Please give 10 working days for the T shirt to arrive by post .

Should you wish to purchase a larger size or wholesale  please contact